Saturday, April 5, 2014

tattoo, tribal,dragon, phenix, 大和梵天、tokyotattoo、鳳凰と龍のトライバル

yamatobonten,tattoo, tribal,大和梵天、tokyotattoo、

A phenix and a dragon tattoo

The tattooing customer from Australia.
The line and the centering tattoo[phenix and dragon] are All electrical needles.
The outside circle[looks like the fire patterns] coloring is TEBORI/ the bamboo bars with tattooing needles/ Japanese traditional style tattoos by hand].

Possible for TEBORI tattoos[by hands]    
By appointment only. email

tattoo, tribal,dragon, phenix, 大和梵天、tokyotattoo、鳳凰と龍のトライバル・タトゥー